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adrian ashley

Very large silver Mjolnir hammerhead shark necklace, Thor's Hammer Viking pendant, Solid silver chain. © Adrian Ashley

Very large silver Mjolnir hammerhead shark necklace, Thor's Hammer Viking pendant, Solid silver chain. © Adrian Ashley

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In Norse mythology, Mjölnir (also called Mjǫllnir, Mjøllnir, Mjølner or Mjölner, depending on which time period or country you were in) is the hammer of Thor, a major Norse god associated with thunder.
Viking tales say Mjölnir was created by the dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokkr, and is depicted as one of the most fearsome weapons that ever existed.

Only about 50 specimens of Mjölnir amulets, dating from the period when the Vikings would have been active, have been found by archaeologists, widely dispersed throughout Scandinavia and the North Atlantic islands.
This large contemporary version of a Mjölnir incorporates the fascinating form of the Hammerhead Shark, also found in the Atlantic, and is a must for any modern day Vikings or shark obsessives.

The Hammerhead Shark Mjolnir is made from a substantial piece of sterling silver and and is supplied on a strong solid silver chain. The pendant measures 4.7cm, which is a little under two inches. Even without its chain it weighs approx. 35.5g, which is around one and a quarter ounces.

For the hammerhead's eyes I have used 8mm, cabochon-cut, fine labradorite stones. Labradorites are gem-quality specimens of the mineral feldspar. I was once lucky enough to visit the Arctic and was amazed to see rainbow coloured seams of feldspar running through the bare rocks. I am sure the early Viking explorers would have witnessed the same thing.

Wearing a piece of Adrian Ashley’s fine jewellery identifies you as someone who is capable of appreciating fine handicrafts. All of my silver jewellery is made from solid Sterling Silver (silver with a purity of at least 92.5%). It does not contain any lead or other harmful materials.
I do my best to insure all the raw materials I use have been sourced responsibly and I always price my work honestly.

All pieces are handmade in a small workshop in the countryside.
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