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Badger necklace, baby badger solid silver animal charm, Hufflepuff mascot. © Adrian Ashley

Badger necklace, baby badger solid silver animal charm, Hufflepuff mascot. © Adrian Ashley

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Made in the United Kingdom.

Solid sterling silver baby badger charm animal pendant.

Found in its different guises across Europe, Asia and North America the badger is a much loved animal with strength and courage that are celebrated in countless folktales and children’s stories. This piece depicts a European Badger cub (Meles meles), the nocturnal, powerful but generally social and peaceful burrowing animal featured in Kenneth Graham's classic ‘The Wind in the Willows’, as Tommy Brock in Beatrix Potter's children’s books and as the house symbol for Hufflepuff in the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

This heavy, solid, sterling silver baby badger charm pendant measures a little under 2cm or three quarters of an inch long. It was originally hand carved, it then had a mould taken from the carving and was cast in solid silver. The badger’s black and white stripes were created by oxidising the silver to make the black stripes and then cutting through the oxidisation to expose the silver beneath and create the white stripes. The whole badger was then coated with a layer of clear lacquer to help preserve the colouration. This pendant is supplied on a cotton cord in its own gift box.

Gold versions of this pendant can be made on request.

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