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About Us.

Adrian Ashley has been working as a goldsmith and a sculptor within the jewellery industry for over thirty years. Adrian handcrafts finely detailed, theatrical pieces for fellow jewellery and nature-lovers to enjoy.

A piece of jewellery from Adrian Ashley will be assured to provoke curiosity and appreciation wherever it is worn.

Adrian has had his jewellery recognised in a number of national awards, including the Platinum Design Innovation Award, the Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards, and three of the UK Helena Rubinstein Tahitian Pearl trophies.

Our workshop is committed to ensuring that all materials used have been sourced as responsibly as possible.
Adrian is one of relatively few Fairtrade Foundation Registered goldsmiths in the UK. And is also lucky to live in a country where gold and silver have been refined, recycled and reused for hundreds of years, meaning very little, newly mined, precious metal is needed to make our jewellery.